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Learning English should be fun

Get smarter with your favorite movies and TV shows
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We translate subtitles into 11 languages

How to learn English with Subtly:

Choose the target language you want

11 languages are available

Discover the definitions of words and ways to use them in life

Interactive translation of subtitles throughout a video

Create your own word lists and learn them anytime

Personal vocabulary

How it works


Choose 1 out of 11 languages

Select the target language for subtitle translation. You can always change it in the settings of the extension.


Learn words in context

You can see phrases on screen translated into the language of your choice. You can also see what part of speech every word is.


Create personal word lists

The words you add are available in your personal vocabulary. There, you will find examples of how they are used in speech, and other meanings they have.

Subtly is a browser extension that helps you to learn English with your favorite films and TV shows
You can use our extension for FREE with no limits at all!

What’s next?

  • More modes for showing subtitles
  • More languages for subtitle translation
  • Phrase navigation in the player
  • Lists of frequent words for a specific video, ranked from the hardest to the easiest ones, available before watching
  • Transcript of movies and shows
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Desktop player for Win and Mac
  • Export of personal word lists to a mobile app for learning